COVID-19 – emergency bus routes

As the pandemic escalates throughout New Zealand, bus operators all around the country will struggle to source enough drivers to continue school bus operations. As a result, it is expected that school bus routes will be severely impacted. This will force the the Mahurangi TNG to make changes to rural bus routes.  We expect that there may also be cancellations.

Please use the EasyBus website as your main source of information about changes to school bus routes. Information will often be added to the site before the schools are advised, which means you will quite possibly find out about changes at the same time as the school. Parents and students are encouraged to check the EasyBus site to identify changes to bus routes.

If you have questions or comments about school bus operations, please use the contact forms on the website.

Important note: In the coming months there is an increased chance that a bus route will be cancelled at very short notice. It may not be possible to get a message to parents through the school before the bus is due to arrive. Parents should ensure that their students are safely delivered onto the bus each day, until normal bus route operations resume.